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Ilse Middendorf: A Personal Remembrance

Breathexperience™ (Middendorf Breathwork) offers us the possibility to reconnect with our own resources—the power of letting breath come and go on its own.

We can enter into this process in one moment—by simply allowing our breath to emerge and flow on its own through our body—without drawing it in, or pushing it out. Through sensing and participating in experiencing our natural breath movement, we quickly find ease in our breath and body, with a sense of well-being that draws us away from aches, pains, and illness.

The power of letting breath come and go on its own is instantly accessible for us, and consequently, available in all situations in our daily life. Breathexperience™ offers an enormous potential for connecting us to a vast intelligence within our body to heal ourselves. The process of breathexperience™ brings into balance our inner resources and the stimulations of the outer world.

Each of us was born with breath in our body that moved on its own—freely—without direction or manipulation. Each of us has a breath cycle that we can allow to come into being—inhalation, exhalation, and pause or silence—before the impulse for the next breath cycle comes on its own—unimpeded, undisturbed by our will.

Similar to nature, when a pebble is dropped into a pond, everything changes in response and in relationship to everything else. As in the breathful human body, this rhythm is made up of a collection of forces and processes that interact with each other to form a differentiated and unified whole.

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Margot Biestman

Director of the Marin-Sonoma Center of

The Middendorf Institute for Breathexperience™

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